Sunday, May 10, 2009

Great panels: SLAM!

this one is from EC comics tales from the crypt reprint i have. originally published in suspense stories #8 in 1951 from the story "out of the frying pan" drawn by Johnny Craig and written by william gaines and colors by Marie Severin



Isaac Yassar said...

Auch! That's got to be painful!

Very Little Voice said...

I'm only 6 weeks old, but my Mummy loves your blog. She says it makes her smile. When I'm older I want to collect images just like yours - they're fab!

If you'd like to remember what it is like to be six weeks old, please come and have a look at mine too! Lots of Love VLV xx

Froggy said...

Is there a under image in that cartoon?

andy ristaino said...

thats the other side of the comic page. the paper used was really thin.

Toby Parnell said...

I often have the same problem when going out of the house.

joesanchez said...


Never have I had a friend like you, a true friend in life.
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thesuicidehandbook said...

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You have a nice blog here, Andy!
keep up the great work and all the best !!!

Nate said...

WOAH DOGG THIS IS AWESOME! this is like insane how you do this!
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workhard said...

Hi.. thats funny.. is it a wall or a door..

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ThailandReloaded said...

Nice Blog, Make me smile ear to ear

Coffee Maker said...

love the old fashioned motion-illustration